Bluemlisalp Hut
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Enjoy the beautiful view on Lake of Thun from 2840m above sea level

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The Bluemlisalp Hut is only five walking minutes from the Hohtürli, a pass between Kandersteg and Kiental, up on 2840m. The amazing view and the sensational sunsets make a night in the Hut an unforgettable experience. Different hiking routes lead to the Bluemlisalp Hut, and it’s also a starting point for alpine tours in the Bluemlisalp Group. A few minutes away from the Hut, you can find two fantastic crags.

The Hut is closed!

Attention: If you want to stay overnight in the winter room, it is absolutely necessary to make a online reservation.
The regulations of the BAG Covid 19 must also be observed in the winter room!
We disclaim all responsibility.

Coordinations: 625'560 / 151'040 on 2840 meters above sea level
Amount of beds: 124