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FAQ from A to Z

Here you may find some answers to frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


Please get in touch with the Hut team at the reception in the dining room after your arrival. You will get your designated sleeping place there as well as some important information for a comfortable and peaceful stay in the Hut.

Bed Time

At 10.00pm we turn in, and the dining and recreation rooms will be locked. Many mountaineers start their tour early in the morning, and they are thankful to the other guests if they have a quiet sleep.


A comprehensive breakfast buffet with coffee, tea and warm milk is included in the half-board. When you check in, the staff will let you know when the breakfast buffet will be open.


Not everything is predictable in the mountains; that’s why we understand the need for cancellations and adjustment. It’s the guest’s responsibility to inform us in a timely manner. In July 2012, the Swiss Alpine Club introduced general terms and conditions for all Huts.

Here are only the most important terms listed:

2.3) Reservations for individuals and groups of up to 12 persons can be made by telephone or in writing; those for groups of 13 or more persons should preferably be made in writing to the chosen SAC hut. A reservation is regarded binding for both parties when it has been confirmed either verbally or in writing. The General Terms and Conditions come into force upon confirmation of each reservation.

4.1) Cancellations and reservation changes such as postponements by individuals and groups of up to 12 persons must be submitted by telephone to and confirmed by the hut warden by 18.00 hours on the day before the night booked.

4.2) Cancellations and reservation changes such as postponements by groups of 13 and more persons must be submitted by telephone to and confirmed by the hut warden by 18.00 hours on the date two days before the night booked.

4.3) Payment is due in the case of late cancellations, late reservation changes and no-shows. The SAC hut is entitled to invoice an amount of up to the equivalent value of the booked services.

Cellphone / WIFI

We especially have good Swisscom connection in and around the Hut. We offer electricity for charging the phone, but we do not have WIFI for guests.


Children are very welcome! Please consider that the hike to the Hut takes at least 4 hours and is a pleasure for the kids only if they are in shape to walk the path alone.

Day visits

We are happy to welcome you as a day guest, and we will spoil you with a rich menu card and many different beverages.


If you realize on the way that you will not make it to the Hut by 6.30pm, we kindly ask you to call and inform us as soon as possible at this number: +41 (0)33 676 14 37.


At 6.30pm, we serve a four-course meal with soup, salad, main course and dessert in our dining room. Beverages are not included in the half-board and, if possible, should be bought before we serve dinner.

If you are a vegetarian, vegan or someone with a food allergy (coeliac disease, lactose intolerance, etc.), we kindly ask you to mention this when making the reservation. This gives us the opportunity to plan ahead and serve you an alternative menu.


We don't take dogs, because our Hut is full up most of the time.


It’s possible to sleep in the Hut with a group. Please reserve as early as possible to clarify all the details and to receive the required information.

Hiking Time

  • from Kandersteg (via Oeschinensee, oberes Bärgli): 5h 30min
  • from Oeschinensee (from Kandersteg with the cable car and via Oberes Bärgli): 4h 10min
  • from Griesalp (via Bundalp): 4h 30min
  • from Gspaltenhornhütte: 4h
  • from Rotstockhütte: 8h


Tea for on the way is included in the half board, and you may fill up your drinking bottle after breakfast on your own. If you wish to have a sandwich for on the way the next day, please order before going to bed.


Accommodation and beverages have to be paid before sleep. Besides cash (CHF or Euros), it’s possible to pay with Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, AmericanExpress and Postcard.


It is necessary to make a reservation in our Hut; otherwise, we can’t guarantee you a sleeping place. You can make a reservation directly online or by calling the Hut number: +41 (0)33 676 14 37.


We maintain 124 sleeping beds in different dorm sizes. Due to hygienic reasons, it is required to use a sleeping bag liner (silk or cotton). We have blankets in all dorms.


You will find many different sizes of slippers in the shoe room just after the entrance, including children’s sizes. It is required to wear slippers in the sleeping rooms.

Water / shower

We do not have drinking water. We also do not have showers in the Hut. For personal hygiene, you may use cold water out of the tap in the restrooms.


In the winter room, we have 18 beds with woolen blankets (please use a sleeping bag liner). There is a woodstove (wood is in place) to cook, as well as pans, dishes and cutlery. There are no drinks, food or water in the room.