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Alpine Tours

The Bluemlisalp Group offers many interesting alpine tours, for example the normal route to the Bluemlisalphorn (northwest crest via Rothornsattel) as well as the popular North Wall, which attracts many mountaineers in spring and summer.

The Morgenhorn – Weisse Frau – Bluemlisalphorn Traverse is one of the most beautiful routes in the Alps. The normal ascents to the Morgenhorn or the Weisse Frau are also very interesting tours. With fresh snow or glare ice, however, these tours can easily get very dangerous.

Alpine Tours from Bluemlisalphut

Guided tour "Bluemlisalp" of Alpineschool Adelboden
Guided tour "Bluemlisalp-Traverse" of Alpineschool Adelboden

Glacier Tours

You experience a safe guided glacier tour by a mountaineer guide. It will take us onto the Bluemlisalp glacier and to the Bluemlisalp sattle, from where we can enjoy a breathtaking view of the icefall of Morgenhorn and the keen insight into Gamchi.

Afterwards, around the „Stock“, passing the north wall of Wyssi Frau, then the northwall of Bluemlisalp, down past the icefall of Bluemlisalp glacier and then back to the Bluemlisalp Hut. Countless picture motives, great views of the surrounding tops and down to the valley are the reward of this tour.

Bear trekking (Meiringen – Gsteig), Hut trekking “Hintere Gasse” and Via Alpina No. 1 (Vaduz FL – Montreux) are long-distance hiking routes, which pass the Hohtürli pass and the Bluemlisalp Hut, whether from east to west or in the other direction.

Bear trekking

Meiringen – Rosenlaui, Grosse Scheidegg – Grindelwald – Alpiglen – Kleine Scheidegg, Lauterbrunnen – Gimmelwald – Rotstock Hut, Sefinenfurgge – Gspaltenhorn Hut, Hohtürli – Bluemlisalp Hut, Oeschinensee – Kandersteg – Schwarenbach, Chindbetti pass – Engstligenalp, Ammerten pass – Siebenbrunnen – Rezliberg – Iffigenalp, Iffigensee – Stieretungel – Lauensee – Lauenen, Walliser Wispile – Gsteig.

Hut trekking 5 days

Lauterbrunnen – Lobhorn Hut – Rotstock Hut – Gspaltenhorn Hut – Bluemlisalp Hut – Kandersteg

Hut trekking 4 days

Mürren – Rotstock Hut – Gspaltenhorn Hut – Bluemlisalp Hut – Kandersteg

Bluemlisalp Hut – Fründen Hut via Fründenschnur

From the Bluemlisalp Hut descend toward Oeschinensee. At the level of “Unteres Bergli” head east and follow the Fründenschnur path (nice, but exposed path only for trained hikers free from giddiness!); then ascend to the Fründen Hut.
Hiking time: 4h 30min

Short hiking routes around the Hut

Hiking to the peak of “Wilde Frau”

One hour away from the Hut. You can expect a fantastic view of the surrounding glacier and peaks. Only for trained hikers: no marked path!

Schwarzhorn – Bundstock

From the Hut descend ten minutes toward Kandersteg; then cross the coarse gravel horizontally. Follow the chains and ropes up to the Hohtürli crest and further up to the peak of the Schwarzhorn.
Hiking time: Schwarzhorn 45min – Bundstock 1.5h
A fantastic view of the Bluemlisalp group and Oeschinensee will await you. Only for trained hikers: the hiking path is not marked through!

Walk to the glacier

In only ten minutes you can reach the edge of the glacier and have a great view of it. Build your own cairn and immortalize yourself in this spectacular landscape of the Bluemlisalp.

Hiking scale (in German only)

Climbing crags

Climbing Crag "Hohtürlifels"

Only 10 walking minutes below the Hut direction Kandersteg, you find a well equipped climbing crag.
Topo Climbing Crag "Hohtürlifels"

Climbing Crag "Glacier"

Only five walking minutes from the Bluemlisalp Hut direction glacier, you find a well equipped climbing crag.
Topo Climbing Crag "Glacier"