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About us

Hut warden

Hans and Hildi Hostettler welcome you together with the team! We are pleased to have you as our guest in the Bluemlisalp Hut. We will do our best to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Hans Hostettler

Hans is a trained mason, mountain guide and ski instructor. He is an active mountain rescuer at Swiss Alpine Rescue, Rescue Specialist Helicopter at REGA as well as instructor at Swiss and Bernese Alpine Rescue.

Hildi Hostettler

Hildi is a trained cook and works as a vendor in a bakery during off-season.


Our Cat Sira has been with us since the season 2008. She is in charge of eliminating mice in and around the Hut.

Team 2020

Hildi und Doris







Unser Team ist ausgerüstet mit Bekleidung des Bergsportausrüsters Salewa (